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Hacktoberfest 2023: My contributions

Gautier DI FOLCO November 01, 2023 [FOSS] #foss #hacktoberfest

Following last year participation I have contributed to Hacktoberfest.

Here are my contributions:

Which gives:

Note that I went from 19 contributions last year down to 9.

It's due to two main reasons:

Also, last year, I have made a contribution to cabal: Add generate PackageInfos.

To give a bit of context, in "recent" versions of cabal, a module (named Paths_<package name>) is generated, containing functions and bindings related to the package and the compilation context.

This issue is: when you compile with Nix paths changes, which means that compiled code importing this module change (even if they don't use these paths), consequently useless recompilations are performed.

The idea (that was not my idea, an issue was already opened) was to generate another module (named PackageInfos_<package name>), which keeps only stable bindings.

It was merged some time ago, and shipped as part as cabal 3.10.

Sadly, I did not do a proper impacts study and, it occurs that an error can happen if we try to use it in earlier versions of cabal.

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