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I am Gautier DI FOLCO working as Staff Software Engineer / Senior Haskell developer @ Autogriff (see more in about / my resume).

While I am not currently actively looking for a new position, I am open to new opportunities (I'll probably look for a new one in the upcoming months).

Here is what you can expect from me.

Here is what I expect from new positions.

Note 1: I have weekly appointments on regular CET/CEST working hours (currently Monday and Wednesday mornings), so I need to be able to work outside the regular 9-5. Otherwise, I don't mind work part-time (4/5).

Note 2: this amount is precise and set by the French government, it is bound by the freelancer administrative status (named "auto entrepreneur", "self-employed"), beyond €72.500 yearly I have to switch to "EURL", which have higher taxes (to have the same net salary I should earn €105.000).

Note 3: In France I have 35 days of paid vacations and 11 national holidays, however I rarely take more than 4 weeks of vacations each year.

Note 4: Salaries may vary from countries to countries, but in March 2024, the results of my research are (average base gross salary in K€):

10 years SWELead developer
France (outside Paris)6870
Germany (Lead)80-11077
UK (Lead)7784
Switzerland (Lead)142135
USA (Lead)161170