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Gautier DI FOLCO January 21, 2024 [Software engineering] #software engineering #product #team #leadership

Few days ago I was reading again Kent Beck's Extreme Programming Explained, and I have recalled How to make your team read your mind.

While I have never been in a formal Manager position (I don't consider being a CTO as a manager role, but more as "the ultimate" technical leader of a company), I think it's a good idea to write it down (even though I do it face to face during interviews and in the first months), the goal being sure expectations on both sides are perfectly clear, avoiding as much as possible misunderstanding and frustrations.

Note: the CTO role is really complete, it includes helping your employees to grow their career, orienting the work to make sure your technical assets sustainably support the business, aligning technical vision with business goals in both direction (my current CTO is insanely good at it, I'm so glad I can learn from him).

In not particular order:

What you can expect from me

What I expect from my team

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