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Hacktoberfest 2022: My feedback

Gautier DI FOLCO November 16, 2022 [FOSS] #foss #hacktoberfest

Following my Hacktoberfest participation, I had the chance to have a variety contribution of experiences.

Pendings PRs

I'm always a bit sad whenever my PR don't get comments, but it's the life of projects, they depend of their maintainers priorities.

However, I get confused sometimes when direction changes.

Outdated PRs

This one is really frustrating, you start some contribution, they stale for a while and suddenly, another PR is pushed and merged in few hours.

However, I came across an interesting situation where my PR raised a number of concerns, starting a new set feature. Even though I didn't get something merged, raising the discussion was a good way to contribute.

Accepted PRs

While I like to get my PRs merged, I've found myself it three cases: