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Polysemy: Strategy internals

Gautier DI FOLCO March 01, 2023 [Haskell] #haskell #polysemy #design #effects systems

In previous logs we have seen how to build interpreters thanks to Strategy.

data BindE (m :: Type -> Type) a where
  BindE :: m a -> (a -> m b) -> BindE m b

makeSem ''BindE

interpretBindFinal :: Member (Final IO) r => InterpreterFor BindE r
interpretBindFinal =
  interpretFinal @IO $
      BindE f g -> do
        fa <- runS f
        ff <- bindS g
        pure $ fa >>= ff

Let's unbox interpretFinal:

    :: forall m e r a.
    Member (Final m) r
    => (forall x rInitial. e (Sem rInitial) x -> Strategic m (Sem rInitial) x)
    -> Sem (e ': r) a
    -> Sem r a
interpretFinal n =
    go :: Sem (e ': r) x -> Sem r x
    go = hoistSem $ \u -> case decomp u of
      Right (Weaving e s wv ex ins) ->
        injWeaving $
            (WithWeavingToFinal (runStrategy (n e)))
            (go . wv)
      Left g -> hoist go g

To give a brief overview:

Strategy is straightforward:

data Strategy m f n z a where
  GetInitialState     :: Strategy m f n z (f ())
  HoistInterpretation :: (a -> n b) -> Strategy m f n z (f a -> m (f b))
  GetInspector        :: Strategy m f n z (Inspector f)

type Strategic m n a = forall f. Functor f => Sem (WithStrategy m f n) (m (f a))

type WithStrategy m f n = '[Strategy m f n]

runStrategy :: Functor f
            => Sem '[Strategy m f n] a
            -> f ()
            -> (forall x. f (n x) -> m (f x))
            -> (forall x. f x -> Maybe x)
            -> a
runStrategy sem = \s wv ins -> run $ interpret
    GetInitialState       -> pure s
    HoistInterpretation f -> pure $ \fa -> wv (f <$> fa)
    GetInspector          -> pure (Inspector ins)
  ) sem

to sum it up: Strategy is mostly a way to inject functions, it is used as follows in Final:

newtype Final m z a where
    :: ThroughWeavingToFinal m z a
    -> Final m z a

type ThroughWeavingToFinal m z a =
     forall f
   . Functor f
  => f ()
  -> (forall x. f (z x) -> m (f x))
  -> (forall x. f x -> Maybe x)
  -> m (f a)

As you see: ThroughWeavingToFinal has the type of runStrategy, which makes Final and Strategy intertwined, and highlight the relevance compared to Embed.