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Abaks: A word on testing

Gautier DI FOLCO July 02, 2023 [dev] #haskell #design #project #abaks

If you followed this series, you may have noticed that, neither in Interface Adapters nor in Drivers.

For Interface Adapters, I don't test it because, on one hand, it's quite painful:

it "All chained commands should work" $ \Fixture {..} -> do
  let createPeriodRequest =
          { name = "Jun 2023",
            initialBalance = AmountA 2000,
            from = fromGregorian 2023 6 1,
            to = fromGregorian 2023 6 30
  CreatePeriodResponse periodId <- successful $ apiCall $ apiClient // API.createPeriodAPI /: createPeriodRequest
  void $ successful $ apiCall $ apiClient // API.fetchPeriodAPI /: periodId

on another hand it's mostly wrapping code (which are tested independently) which gives a ratio pain/bug catched very high. Note: In the past, I tend to put access control (missing in abaks) in Interface Adapters, but I tend to put it in Use Cases, it doesn't change much in the end (since I design access control as an eDSL), but it helps to stabilize roles' access rights.

For Drivers, it's only wiring, I could spend time setting-up a complete environment (spawning containers, setting environment variables), but it would pointless. I rely on deployment tests to ensure everything is wired correctly (even though the only mistake you can is to pick the wrong interpreter).