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Architecture Heuristic YNIA: Queues

Gautier DI FOLCO October 18, 2023 [Software engineering] #architecture #design #heuristics

There is a famous acronym I use over and over again when it comes to design decision: YAGNI.

It's a constant reminder to keep things as simple as possible, however we tend to forget that we should over simplify.

That's one of the reason I tend to introduce early on components which seems to be more complex than they need to be.

I call it YNIA (You'll Need It Anyway).

Today: queues.

They are many cases when you add accidental complexity by technically coupling things which are not coupled in terms of business:

There are two basic ways to deal with it: synchronously or through some kind of local-asynchronous code (e.g. callbacks, threads).

These are not solutions:

To give you an idea, last time I have encountered such implementation, we were regularly loosing jobs each time our pods (on Kubernetes) were restarted (on failure or on update). Which was hard to debug as we had to correlate failure of not tracked side-processes with random restarts.

Adding a queue gives a way to temporally decouple these computations, which allow to incrementally add: