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Access Control: Organisation-based Access control

Gautier DI FOLCO December 24, 2023 [dev] #haskell #access control #security #draft concepts

Last time, we have seen GBAC, probably the most access control scheme, let's go a little simpler.

Organisation-based Access control is a scheme based on the distinction between security policy and implementation.

It's a mix between ACL and RBAC.

On one hand, there is the security policy defined with Role, Activity, and View (target). On another hand, the implementation based on Subject, Action, and Object. Finally, you have a contextualized mapping from Role to Subject, from Activity to Action, and from View to Object.

Let's formally define it:

data OrganizationMapping subject role' action activity object view = OrganizationMapping
  { subjects :: Map.Map subject role',
    actions :: Map.Map action activity,
    objects :: Map.Map object view
  deriving stock (Show, Eq)

type OrBacRules role' activity view = Map.Map role' (Map.Map activity (Set.Set view))

canOrBac ::
  (Ord role', Ord activity, Ord view, Ord subject, Ord action, Ord object) =>
  OrBacRules role' activity view ->
  OrganizationMapping subject role' action activity object view ->
  subject ->
  action ->
  object ->
canOrBac rules mapping subject action object =
  fromMaybe False $
    canAcl rules
      <$> Map.lookup subject mapping.subjects
      <*> Map.lookup action mapping.actions
      <*> Map.lookup object mapping.objects