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Gautier DI FOLCO January 28, 2024 [Software engineering] #software engineering #product #lean

A while ago, I had a meetup with Woody Zuill, after the Software Teaming session, he has stated that "most companies are bad at Software Inventory".

He explained that: Software Inventory is the list of all the code which is not "in touch" with users.

I thought it was a Lean practice, but the only related topic I have found is inventory management in the original which consist of shrinking down the stock to the minimum level without impacting clients. If I transpose it to the software engineering field: you should aim pushing code as soon as possible, reducing feedbacks loop time (as emphasized in Kent Beck's Extreme Programming Explained).

Over the years I have set up several ways to have a snapshot of it:

Each time I also built a CLI, to perform a scan and compare the different environments to the repositories.

It's only a beginning and there are many drawbacks:

I had negative experiences with both of them: