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Gautier DI FOLCO March 03, 2024 [Software engineering] #haskell #design #engineering #type-driven design

In a previous log, I have introduced librarian, as an example of Type-Driven Development.

For a reminder, we had "complex" types:

-- GADTs
data GroupingBucket :: Type -> Type where
  Daily :: GroupingBucket UTCTime
  Weekly :: GroupingBucket UTCTime
  Monthly :: GroupingBucket UTCTime

-- Existential
data Filtering
  = AllF
  | AndF Filtering Filtering
  | OrF Filtering Filtering
  | forall a. Ord a => GtF (Source a) (Source a)
  | forall a. Ord a => LtF (Source a) (Source a)

There are complex enough to don't be supported by the GHC Generic derivation, consequently, we cannot derive FromDhall.

Note: I have tried to implement them myself, don't do that, even if you like pain

The simplest solution is to use an intermediate data type which would be simpler and bounded to parsing (it is a Data Transfer Object (DTO)):

data Filtering
  = All
  | And Filtering Filtering
  | Or Filtering Filtering
  | GtTemporal SourceTemporal SourceTemporal
  | LtTemporal SourceTemporal SourceTemporal
  deriving stock (Eq, Show)

data GroupSelectionTemporal
  = AfterTemporal Int SortingOrder SourceTemporal
  | BeforeTemporal Int SortingOrder SourceTemporal
  deriving stock (Eq, Show, Generic)

deriving anyclass instance FromDhall GroupSelectionTemporal

data SourceTemporal
  = SourceDate SourceDate
  | SourceTime TimeSpec
  deriving stock (Eq, Show, Generic)

deriving anyclass instance FromDhall SourceTemporal

I'm forced to specialize data types in order to keep type-safety.

There is another issue, since Filtering is recursive, FromDhall derivation cannot be properly done, consequently, we have to use fixpoints, at type-level it is defined in Haskell as follows:

newtype Fix f = Fix { unFix :: f (Fix f) }

The issue is that Filtering does not have parameter, hopefully there is a TemplateHaskell way to derive it:

TH.makeBaseFunctor ''Filtering

Which will generate something like that:

data FilteringF a
  = All
  | And a a
  | Or a a
  | GtTemporal SourceTemporal SourceTemporal
  | LtTemporal SourceTemporal SourceTemporal
  deriving stock (Eq, Show)

Which allows us to derive FromDhall and to use it for our Rule:

deriving stock instance Generic (FilteringF a)

deriving anyclass instance FromDhall a => FromDhall (FilteringF a)

data Rule = Rule
  { name :: RuleName,
    match :: Matcher,
    grouping :: Grouping,
    filtering :: Fix FilteringF,
    actions :: [Action]
  deriving stock (Generic)

deriving anyclass instance FromDhall Rule

The final part consists in convert the above types (Dhall-compatible, source S), to the library types (target, T):

convertGrouping :: S.Grouping -> T.Grouping
convertGrouping =
    S.FileGroup -> T.FileGroup
    S.GroupTemporally source bucket selection ->
        { groupSource = convertSourceTemporal source,
          groupBucket = convertGroupingBucketTemporal bucket,
          groupSelection = convertGroupSelectionTemporal selection

convertAction :: S.Action -> T.Action
convertAction =
    S.Move {..} -> T.Move {inputPattern = inputPattern, newName = newName}
    S.Copy {..} -> T.Copy {inputPattern = inputPattern, newName = newName}
    S.Remove {..} -> T.Remove {inputPattern = inputPattern}

convertSourceTemporal :: S.SourceTemporal -> T.Source UTCTime
convertSourceTemporal =
    S.SourceDate x -> T.SourceDate $ convertSourceDate x
    S.SourceTime x -> T.SourceTime $ convertTimeSpec x

convertGroupingBucketTemporal :: S.GroupingBucketTemporal -> T.GroupingBucket UTCTime
convertGroupingBucketTemporal =
    S.Daily -> T.Daily
    S.Weekly -> T.Weekly
    S.Monthly -> T.Monthly

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